A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Heroes Never Die; Legends Never Retire

Play as retired veteran spy Birdie Spionaggio, as she refuses to be old and rekindles her love for espionage.

Take on extremely odd jobs provided by the residents and staff of the Bauhan Retirement Residence and Recreational Center.

  • Explore the retirement home while interacting with other residents and staff. Who knows? One of them might have a mission for you!

  • Sneak, steal and sabotage all while uncovering the deepest and darkest secrets found within the retirement home walls.

  • Regain your younger spy moves by awakening your old senses. Try knocking things over and playing at higher risks!


EspionAge_v1.00_PC.zip 112 MB
EspionAge_v1.00_MAC.zip 115 MB

Install instructions

Controller Supported - and recommended!

Left Analog Stick - Move
A (XBOX) - Interact
Y (XBOX) - Dash
Right Analog Stick - Aim
RT (XBOX) - Throw

Keyboard Controls:

WASD - Move
Z - Interact
Shift - Dash
Mouse and Left Click - Throw

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